Suzi, geared up

Suzi, geared up


I am currently working my 8th generation of home bredWeimaraners, each of them having gained KC Field Trial qualifications in the UK, and field tests in Germany.
I breed occasionally for driven but biddable workers, typey in conformation, well-tempered and without health issues, from hip-scored sire and dam and within breed club ethics and guidelines.

Without an inkling of what was to come, I brought home my first Weimaraner and foundation bitch, Jally, in 1994.
So began a huge lifestyle change – from town to country girl, learning about the breed, field work and shooting as well as showing, and made her up to full Champion, Ch Silberstern Moonlight von Trubon, JW.

Trubon Asko Truman (Medoc), Trubon Arade Tribute (Fenny)

Trubon Asko Truman (Medoc), Trubon Arade Tribute (Fenny)

Bibe and Chyna on the peg

Bibe and Chyna on the peg

Although I show occasionally, my love is all things field work, and my years are spent busily in the shooting season. As well as working with me on walked up and syndicate days in the UK and abroad, my dogs also pick up on other shoots.

My currently competing Weimaraner bitches, Delta and Flysse, have both qualified to run in Open field trials. Out of season we pigeon and rabbit shoot, do grouse counts, and compete in Gundog Tests of Work. Chyna, who was an Open field trial award winner, went blind after illness but is fearless, and joins in picking up and does a good job on the peg for me, and enjoys all the activites the others do.  She has been featured retrieving rabbits on youtube, and in the Shooting Times, picking up for me on driven days.
Graf has proved an energetic and wide ranging young boywith a passion for hunting, retrieving and waterwork and will join the working team gradually.

After 10 years of  organising Field Trials and training days for the Weimaraner Club of Great Britain as the Field Trial Secretary, I am now focusing on my own dogs.

I am also a KC A-panel field trial judge and am on show judging lists for Weimaraners, GSPs and GWPs.

Jally produced the ‘A’ litter in 1999 from which came my own Fenny and Medoc.

2002, ‘B’ litter  – Mated Trubon Arade Tribute (Fenny) to a German VGP dog (Alf zur Uhlenflucht).
Including my own Bibe and Hana both VJP & HZPs.

And to Germany, Aloxe and Birko. All of them successfully German field tested and Bibe went on to achieve in UK spring pointing, Gundog Tests of Work and Field Trials, while brother Kaos has excelled in Agility.

2006, C’ litter, -  Fenny’s second and last litter to a young male I was training, a keen retriever, Grafite Greystones.
Including my own Chyna, Open field trial award winner .
Her sister Cino is an Icelandic Show Champion and in field training and brothers Havok and Dash are successful agility winners, and sister Abbie is working her way up Working Trial qualifications.

2008, ‘D’  litter – Hana to Sh Ch Morganna Millerson, old English lines going back to Ch Morganna Mozart in Jally’s lines.  Including my Delta, Open field trial qualified.
Graf and Bran are competing successfully in agility.

2009, ‘E’ litter- Bibe mated to Millerson.
Including my Eiss, field trial award winner.
Brother Lafite has his VJP, and Luger is training for field and deer work.

2011, ‘F’ litter  - Chyna to Haselunne Housemaster.
Including my Flysse – Open field trial qualified.

2014, 'G' litter - Delta to Silvershot's Semper Fi for Kasmegs (Imp US). Including my Graf, multiple 1st Puppy, Novice, Graduate and Open GWT winner, Grouse Pointing graded.

2016, 'H' litter - Flysse to Graf.

2016, 'I' litter - Delta's second and last litter. Born June 2016


Teasel, the BOSS

Teasel, the BOSS

I have to add a note about Teasel, my Teckel (Ubine vom Schutthause), imported from Germany, She has proved to be a totally unique experience. Winning 1st Prizes in each German test I have taken her back to Germany to do. She may be little but she is The Boss of the Weimaraners, an adversary for any fox but transforms in to the sweetest house dog and sofa cuddle-bunny! Sadly passed but not forgotten, May 2015.



8 Generations of Field

 Tested Success

Ch Silberstern Moonlight von Trubon (Jally) (7.2.94) Field trial awards and Show Champion.

Trubon Arade Tribute (Fenny) (1.5.99) 1st Place Novice Field trial, many Field Trial and Gundog Working Test awards & Spring Pointing graded

Trubon Bibe Tres (Bibe) (13.12.02) German VJP & HZP, many Field Trial and GWT awards & Spring Pointing graded
Trubon Bren Tartuf (Hana) (13.12.02) German VJP & HZP, & Spring Pointing graded

Trubon Chyna Treasa (Re-Imp) (Chyna) (12.6.06) 1st & 2nd All-Aged Field trial places, Open, All Aged and Novice Field Trial awards, Open GWT Awards & Spring Pointing graded

Trubon Delta Truffe (Delta) (5.5.08) 2nd Place Open Field Trial (KC HPR Championship Qualified), 1st Place Novice & 2nd Place All Aged Field Trial Awards, 1st Place Novice GWT, Spring Pointing Test Graded

Trubon Eissmann Trevan (Eiss) (2.5.09) Field Trial award & Spring Pointing Test graded

Trubon Flysse Trevive (Flysse) (11.4.11) 1st & 2nd Places All Aged & 1st Place Novice Field Trials, 1st Prize Open GWT, 1st Prize Novice GWT, multiple Open,  All Aged and Novice Field Trial and GWT awards  & Spring Pointing Test graded.

Trubon Grafyte Treve (Graf) (13.9.14) 2nd Place Novice Field Trial, Multiple 1st Prizes Puppy GWTs, 1st Prizes Novice,  1st Prize Graduate, 1st Prize Open GWT & Grouse Pointing Test Graded


Multiple WCGB & WA Top Field & overall Weimaraners Of the Year.  Worked every season.


CONGRATULATIONS OWNER/TRAINERS – Agility Winners: Trubon Bikaos Tryst, Trubon Chavok Tryon, Trubon Candash Trigo, Trubon Dugraf Trud, Trubon Debrandt Treff
Working Trial Tested: Trubon Cimmini Trubel. Icelandic Show Champion: Trubon Cino Trounce. German Field Qualified: Trubon Asko Truman, TrubonBialox Traum, Trubon Birko Truc, Trubon Eberlafite Trumann